Quick App Review: Set Goals And Meet Goals With Achvr

Achvr is kind of a bucket list app. A place where you can make a list of things you want, need or should do and work towards getting them done. You remember around a year ago Google attempted something similar with Schemer and abruptly shut it down. As a matter of fact today is the last day you can download your Schemer data from Google so better head over and get your CSV/HTML file from them HERE.


So Achvr is very similar. You choose things you want to do in life, weather that’s climbing a mountain or running in a marathon. Then you choose the things you’ve already done in life, which is kind of cool cause it’s a reminder that you’ve done some cool things already. Achvr looks to be taking Schemer’s idea a little further with a broader range of activities and things to do. You can connect via Facebook and Twitter and share your experiences with friends and family and if you’re in a larger city (like Chicago) there are plenty of Achvr activities.


The app is really cool as well as the desktop version. If you’re someone that enjoys a challenge and if you’re missing Schemer then Achvr is for you. User can email their downloaded files to AchieveYourSchemes@achvr.co, Achvr will transfer their data to their Achvr account so the best thing is Achvr will take your Schemer data and import it into Achvr for you! So if you want to save your Schemer progress and continue on with a different platform, Achvr is well worth looking into. Currently Achvr is in beta and only for iOS on mobile. Hopefully we’ll see an Android version coming, but in the meantime you can try the desktop version. Hit the links below for the iOS app and the desktop version below.

Achvr App

Achvr Desktop

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