Guest Review: Sony Xperia Z1s

Written by Joe Del Vecchio T-Mobile has been making quite a few waves lately with their bold moves in pricing plans, willingness to pay off customers’ Early Termination Fees, and lure new customers away from Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.  Meanwhile, Sony is trying to secure its place among the big boys in the high-end cellphone…

Breaking: T-Mobile Will Pay for You To Switch

T-Mobile US has just officially announced that it will offer to pay off early termination fees (ETFs) for new customers when they switch from their current carrier. T-Mobile has released that they are willing to pay the ETFs, up to $650 USD in some cases, for lines ported over to their service. This is part…

AT&T Offers T-Mobile Customers Incentives To Switch

Ahead of the predicted T-Mobile announcement of paying customer ETF (Early Termination Fees) for new subscribers (announcement predicted to be given at CES 2014). AT&T has shot first with an offer to T-Mobile customers themselves. All totaled, you could possible get $450 worth of credit per line. Beginning Jan. 3, under the limited-time offer, T-Mobile…


Verizon Drops Moto X Price To $49.99 On Contract

Verizon has just dropped the Moto X price to $49.99 on contract for a limited time. This following the announcement of the Moto G. The Moto X is a perfectly capable phone with some very nice features. If you’re looking for something now is the time to check this out. Verizon


Samsung’s Android 4.3 Rollout Schedule On Screen

Here it is folks, the dates you can expect your Android 4.3 update on your Samsung device. Note 2 Verizon – November 29th AT&T – November 20th Sprint – November 20th T-Mo – December 2nd GS3 Verizon – November 22nd AT&T – November 13th Sprint – November 6th T-mo – November 25th LTE GS4 Verizon…


T-Mobile Offers Free Data To Tablet Owners

T-mobile is at it again, drumming up new users by offering pretty awesome deals. Now they are offering Free data for life to tablet owners. Read on for more. If you purchased one of the nearly 90 percent[i] of all tablets that only connect over Wi-Fi because you worried mobile connections would mean big monthly bills,…

Blackberry Now Selling Unlocked Devices On Their Website

Well, not sure what they hope to gain by selling unlocked devices direct? But if you’re at all interested in a Blackberry device with no contract, now you can have that. Blackberry today announced that customers in the U.S. can purchase unlocked BlackBerry smartphones online directly from BlackBerry on The first models available for purchase…


T-Mobile Announces Hiring Events for Veterans

T-Mobile announced an effort to hire military veterans at a series of October hiring events. There are 3500 open positions that T-Mobile hopes to fill with U.S. Armed Forces, and active members of the National Guard, and Reserves. T-Mobile is already has a significant amount of employees who have served or serve in the military.